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Lucy Morrison

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On the Mic.news is excited to introduce Lucy Morrison debuting her EP titled "where'd all the good boys go" on February 14, 2021. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Lucy Morrison grew up in a house where music was always present, drawing on inspiration from her mother, who still sings today at her local church. Lucy began singing at the age of  5, her influences range from Latin Pop star Salina, and crossing over to classic rock - The Doors. Over the years she continued to develop her craft singing in bands performing a long list of cover songs covering a broad pallet of genres.  Further honing her soulful sultry voice, and passion for singing she then pursued and attained a degree in vocal performance. She is now set to release her first album with her new label B Major Records 

The EP will feature 5 tracks, written and produced by Jonathon Olivarez founder of

B Major Records and performed by Lucy Morrison.  A collection of songs that cover chill ballads, such as "Tanzanite" and get your feet on, dance grooves - "Strung Out",  Lucy Morrison delivers a dynamic Pop performance that you won't want to miss live. For upcoming dates and news click the links below. 





Photo Courtesy of B Major Records

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From The EP "where'd all the good boys go"

Music Courtesy of B Major Records

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