This is a Korean made Squire Stratocaster by Fender. This is not an Affinity model nor a Bullet model. The VIN. range dates 1992. The VN acronym indicates (V) Vintage series (N) 1990 first digit (2) 1992. Vintage Series 1992 Squire Stratocaster makes this guitar 28 years old, looks and plays better than most current models. More info available @  fender Decoder.  The guitar has a rich maple neck with a walnut "skunk Stripe" that feels spectacular.  
The cream color pick-ups and white pickguard, really make this guitar represent its time era. There are some small nicks and scratches on the guitar, normal for a guitar this old. The guitar recently just had the pots replaced with American pots and the toggle switch, also the tremolo has been set up with a limiter a total service of $460.00. This guitar produces a super sweet clean tone, way better than my 1991 American Stratocaster. The Squire Stratocaster also does well through the gain channels. The guitar will be shipped with a new Access soft black gig bag. 

Vintage Squire Stratocaster

  • Body has normal small nicks and scratches , view photos