NEW! Acrylux Picks: Reso & Nitra

D’Addario has a wide variety of pick types, and now in


troduced to the assorted materials is the Acrylux series.

Acrylux is available in 2 blends (Reso and Nitra) to offer

two distinct tones while providing the grip and output

that is expected of acrylic picks. Available in standard,

jazz, and mandolin shapes in 1.5mm thickness sold in

3-packs. Translucent Red• Pure acrylic• Brighter tone• Strong output and grip• Transparent red

D'Addario Jazz Acrylux Reso 1.5 picks3-Packs

SKU: 3AR7-03
  • MSRP $ 15.30 Save $ 5.31