Guitar Rental Program

Yes! We do offer guitar rentals for currently enrolled students. All of our rental guitars have been serviced and are equipped with D'Addario EJ 16 Acoustic guitar strings. Please contact Luis for availability and recommended sizes. at

What Size Guitar?

Choosing the correct guitar size for your child can be challenging sometimes because we all know how quickly our kids grow. Unfortunately, guitars are not like clothes were our kids can grow into them. Students who are equipped with the incorrect size guitars struggle more- during the learning process, and sometimes are just incapable of learning how to play the instrument. Let's get our kids off to a good start- with the correct size guitar. The most common sizes in acoustic guitars are 41 inches measured from the bottom of the guitar to the top. These are your Adult/Youth size guitars with a width measurement of 16 inches. across the body of the guitar.If your height is 5ft and up, you will have a comfortable fit with this size guitar. The next common size is 35 inches also referred to as a 3/4 guitar. This the choice guitar for anyone below 5ft in height. The 3/4 acoustic guitar is the most popular guitar for grades 1-6. The short length is ideal for kids to place their fretting hand on the guitar when reaching for chords at the lower register of the instrument. The body width on these guitars is around 12 inches which makes the guitar easy and fun to play. If you have any other questions free to reach out to us thanks