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July 2018


A peek into the music life of Emily Peal.  


Emily Peal is a singer, songwriter, and poet whose voice and combined harmonies are a blessing to all music fans. I had a chance to speak with Emily Peal about her music and the journey it has taken her on. Emily is no stranger to touring and recording. Her discography spans from 2009 to the present. Her earlier work is a diverse collection of songs with influences that range from theater rock and hard rock to ballads. While studying songwriting at Berklee School of Music, she put out two albums: Emily Peal E.P. and Stacking Doll. After graduating in 2010, she released her single, "Privilege" as well as the fan-funded, full-length album, Tunneling. Other notable releases include: "Fine Fur Coat" (2012) and a youtube cover of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot me Down)" the 1966 single sung by Cher and written by Sonny Bono. Over the past 8 years, her music has continued to lead her on countless adventures throughout the homeland and abroad. She now resides in Providence, Rhode Island where she conducts songwriting workshops and continues to write and perform under the marque, Mountainess. Enjoy her gift of music to all of us—She truly is a beautiful spirit.

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Photo Courtesy of Mountainess

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A Hidden gem tucked away in Sioux Falls, South Dakota 


Amari Studios 

Owner and Founder of Amari Studios talks about teaching and the impact that students have on him. 


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Amari Studios provides private Guitar lessons to kids and adults in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Some say the quality of a product or service is measured by the test of time, if that's the case, than Amari Studios has proven to be one of the top Guitar studios in Sioux Falls South Dakota. With nearly a decade of teaching to his credit, Micah Wetzel has inspired and mentored thousands of aspiring musicians. When he is not teaching, you can find Micah on stage at a major corporate event, wedding or private party with one of the most successful gigging bands in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the "Goodroad " band.

So How did you come up with the name?

"It's completely made up! We were trying to make it sound like a business from a big city. I’m not entirely sure we pulled that off."

What was moving you towards starting a business offering private lessons?

"I taught lessons in Brookings, SD as an independent contractor. My wife and I decided to move to Sioux Falls based on job opportunities for her. I loved teaching in Brookings so much that I wanted to do it full time. So I decided to start up Amari Studios."

How does teaching guitar lessons make you feel?

"It makes me feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life. Seeing excitement as I did when I was learning, but in someone else’s shoes, is so rewarding. Guitar has become a way of life and passion for me. I’m doing my best to pass the instrument along to others, in hopes of them finding that same passion."

"Guitar has become a way of life and a passion for me "

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Any advice to Instructors who are just getting started in teaching professionally?

"I’d have them put themselves in their students’ shoes more often. Ask themselves, what techniques were important to them when they were learning? What specific topics stuck out and opened up new doors for them? And try to pass those same things along. When I was starting out, I sometimes felt like I was just teaching things to someone just to teach them something. But this helped me pass along techniques that they’d potentially see in real life. Whether they’d be playing for fun, more seriously, or professionally. No one takes lessons forever. I feel that it’s our job to get them ready for anything guitar related that could pop up!"

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Amari Studios is tucked away in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This a small studio with big music, you won't find a large waiting room, its straight to the business of learning music. For the past 10 years, students of all ages have been coming through Amari studios learning everything from Pop music to Jazz standards to Shred Metal and everything in between, students honing in their chops year after year.


For more information on Amari Studios visit http://www.amaristudios.com/




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Granola delivers!  Yes, its here and the band has been generous enough to share one of my favorite tracks on the album "Nathaniel Zeethus and Pigs from Venus ". We were fortunate enough to have Granola share the album with us. There are a total of ten tracks on this album listeners and fans will soon get there hands on this album as Granola prepares for their album release party. 

Release Party: TBA

visit https://granolamusic.com/

Granola will be at the Sioux Falls Jazz Festival  July 20th, the largest outdoor music event in South Dakota. Special guest this year Blues Royalty Jimmy Vaughan. 

visit http://www.siouxfallsjazzfest.com/

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