CLASSES OFFERED offers private and group Acoustic, Electric Guitar, and Bass Guitar lessons, for Beginners to Intermediate students.

We offer a variety of afterschool programs for grades 5-12.


Our course structure is built on a progressive learning platform providing basic concepts that will assist in the understanding of basic music theory.

This foundation will enable students to quickly understand song structure and learn songs quickly.

Additional benefits provided to our students are access to the Student Portal which offers additional free learning resources as well as access to our Student Store which offers all our merchandise at student discount pricing. 


   Lessons Beginner to Advanced
   Electric Guitar &Acoustic Guitar  
      has been serving the very best services available in the market, including our stellar Beginner Music Lessons. If you’ve always dreamed of learning how to play the guitar or simply want to improve your skills, speak with one of our experts. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

By Isaac 

Lessons are fun and worthwhile! My son is feeling good about his progress. We are extremely fortunate to have Luis as his instructor.
Luis is great at responding to emails. Easy to talk to. Accommodating schedule. The payments system is easy to negotiate. Highly recommend Luis for guitar lessons.

We designed our Introduction course to provide students an opportunity to get to know what it's like to learn how to play the guitar. This provides our clients with a chance to experience our lessons without the commitment of purchasing a complete 12-week course of study. This is an accelerated course over 3 weeks covering: 

1-How to tune a Guitar

2-Chord Grids

3- How to read chord charts and Tablature

4-Strumming Patterns and Technique

5- Melody

6-Effective Practice routines


Short Course

Introduction To Guitar 

Man Playing Guitar

Intermediate Guitar courses

Congratulations if you are here your hard work has paid off. Welcome to the intermediate guitar program. Our level one courses will help you continue your learning path. In level one we focus on developing your rhythm technique. This is not a beginner course.  Prerequisites for the following classes require one to two years of guitar study.  You will also need to be fluent in reading chord grids, tablature and demonstrate the ability to make chord changes quickly.       

Guitar Level One

This course is a 12 -week study. We begin with the basic core study of music theory concepts, providing an understanding of intervals and harmonizing the major scale. We then apply this concept to different genres of music. By providing you with this knowledge we can communicate in regards to chord progressions by there Roman numeral value. Ex. The two-chord the five- chord and so on.  

Blues Level 101: You learn how to play rhythm over a -I-IV-V blues using a straight feel and shuffle. You will develop your ear so that you know where you are in the song form at all times. You will learn Dominant 7th chords, 7ths with upper extensions, 9th chords, minor 7ths, and more. You will then be able to apply that knowledge to slow blues and fast driving blues. 


Pop Level 101: Here we build off of your core knowledge and work through some of today's top 40 songs. Most of these songs will use chords in the open position and will require the use of a capo. You will also be introduced to sus 2 and sus 4 chords. 

Truck Bed Guitar Session

 Rock Level 101: Is a study of some of the giants that paved the way for Rock and Roll. This course will cover songs in a few alternate tunings such as open G, and Drop D tuning and triads, plus a few of the most Iconic Riffs to hit the airwaves.      

Live Guitar

Jazz Harmony 101: In this course, you will learn common root position voicings used in jazz music and apply them to popular jazz standards. Drop 2 and Drop 3 voicings covering  Major and Minor 7ths, Diminished 7ths, Dominant 7ths, and Minor 7b5.  

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By John
"I feel challenged with each lesson, because of this I think have advanced much faster then I was ever able to achieve on my own. His direction helps me to stay focused on the tasks."


I enjoy what I do because it brings me great satisfaction. Being a Guitar instructor takes on responsibilities more than just providing lessons. It takes the role of being a mentor and a positive role model. It is an amazing exchange between two individuals when you help them realize their potential or you witness them, overcoming obstacles and reach their goals.  I’m extremely grateful and humbled to be able to share this experience with students while providing a means to fulfill my ambitions as an entrepreneur, musician, and most important being a part of a community of music educators. Music and the guitar have been a part of my life since childhood. Guitar playing has always been an outlet for me. I never had any desire to become a performer or artist. I love playing guitar and I love studying the guitar. My goals are to create a facility where musicians and students can develop their talents in a safe and supportive environment. 


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